Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 8th, 2006


Another fairly decent day at Selkirk today as the post breeding dispursal seems in high gear.
The Great St. Johnswort is showing a lot of colour in the buds and should be open in another day or two. The Michigan Lilly in the woods seems to be at its peak bloom.

Banded: MODO 1, DOWO 2, YSFL 1, NRWS 1, AMRO 1, GRCA 1, CEDW 3, YWAR 1, SOSP 7, COGR 2, BHCO 2, AMGO 1 = 23


Ruthven - Forest Bird Monitoring Program

Spent the early morning back in the Slough Forest doing the Forest Bird Monitoring Program point count. I was struck by the large number of Veerys I encountered - at least 11 spread through the 5 points.

I then ventured over to the banding area at Ruthven to see what was happening. I couldn't help but open a couple of nets to see what birds were around. In just 1 hour of net time (with nets 1, 2, 5 and 7 open), I captured 15 birds.

Banded 14: 3 GRCA, 4 YWAR, 3 RBGR, 2 SOSP, 2 AMGO.
Retrapped 1: 1 YWAR

Had notice from the Banding Office that an AMGO retrapped by us in April of this year had been banded last November at Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory.

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